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Masalta > Cutting > Green Concrete Saw > MFG10

Green Concrete Saw


The compact designed, lightweight,
multipurpose saw allowing for control
joints cutting in green concrete,
decorative cutting and light slab










Suggested dry cutting diamond blade with
undercut protection for Green Concrete.

Rear pointer drops into cut to ensure

straight cutting.

Easy crank for raising/lowering cutting depth.


● Prevent random cracking and premature joint failure.

● Lightweight yet heavy-duty construction.
● 10”blade capacity for a 3 "depth of cut.
● VACUUM NOZZLE hook-up on blade guard.
● Suitable for CONTROL JOINT CUTTING in green concrete and DECORATIVE CUTTING in cured concrete, LIGHT SLAB DEMOLITION in cured concrete and asphalt.
● Saws right to the edge of walls and columns.
● Center blade mount design for straight line cutting.
● REAR POINTER drops into cut to ensure straight cutting.
● Adjustable handle height for operator comfort.
● Tough POLYURETHANE WHEELS assembled with sealed ball bearings for absorbing vibration and riding smoothly on all surfaces.
● Standard " blade arbor.
● EASY CRANK for raising/lowering cutting depth.

Technical Specification




Engine Type

Petrol, Robin EX17

Petrol, Honda GX200

Power kw/hp

4.2 / 5.7

4.8 / 6.5

Cutting Depth mm / in

82.6 / 3.25

Blade size (in)


Operation weight kg 47 50
Depth adjustment Handle Rotation
*We reserve the right to improve or withdraw the specification or product without prior notice.


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